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Don Mendenhall makes use of fine art photography with his work in human resource development, life coaching, art shows, and contemplative writings. Shadow and light, falling and failing, questions and answers, barriers and pathways, fear and courage are excellent themes for photography and the living of life. It is in the practice of waiting, until the essence of the subject makes itself known, that provides a contemplative quality for a 2007 published book of photographic insights entitled Visual Centering. http://www.donmendenhallphotographs.com/

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Photographic Coaching Questionnaire

Photographic Coaching Questionnaire

Rate questions on a scale of 1 to 5. Simply replace the response box below with an X to indicate your answer, then copy and send to Don Mendenhall EssencePhotography@charter.net or Call 608.516.8184
Strongly disagree
Strongly agree

I want to make better photographs
I am clear about how to use my camera technically
I am clear about what subject matter to photograph
I am clear about why I am making photographs
I have an outlet for my photographic work.
I have a strong sense of direction with photography
I belong to a camera club or want to belong
I want photography to be a viable vocation
I have good connections with other photographers
I have participated in photographic workshops
I have some experience in the use of PhotoShop
I purchase photography books and other info

I have been highly intentional about photography for…
 1 - 3 years
 4 - 5 years
 6 – 10 years
 10 - 15 years
 Over 15 years
I am a…
My outlet for photography is…
 Friends and Family
 Minimal Sales 
 Significant Sales 
 Published Works
 Published Works
My main style includes…
 Mixed and Varied
 Black and White only
 Color only
My main subject matter is…
 Family and Personal Travel
 Still Life
 Nature flora/fauna
 Abstract (Pattern/Texture)
 Other _____________________
My main camera equipment is…
 Point and Shoot (digital)
 35 mm Digital
 35 mm Film
 Medium Format or Larger
 Other _____________________
I have photographs printed as…
 Developed and/or printed myself
 Use a developer/printer service
I have interest in establishing my own website…
 Website is being planned
 Website is currently active
 Do not have or want a website
I view the overall quality of my photographs as…
 Good potential to become high quality
 High to excellent quality
I would like to consider photographic coaching for...
 Clarifying a direction in photography
 For critique of my current work
 For developing a workflow
 For discovery more outlets for my work

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