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Don Mendenhall makes use of fine art photography with his work in human resource development, life coaching, art shows, and contemplative writings. Shadow and light, falling and failing, questions and answers, barriers and pathways, fear and courage are excellent themes for photography and the living of life. It is in the practice of waiting, until the essence of the subject makes itself known, that provides a contemplative quality for a 2007 published book of photographic insights entitled Visual Centering. http://www.donmendenhallphotographs.com/

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Many photographers whether they are novices, amateurs, or professionals do a great deal of self-study as they grow in their desire to make better and better photographs.  The good work of making art requires a person to be a constant self-starter and maintain a certain discipline or workflow.  These processes touch every aspect of being human, physical stamina, positive emotional outlook, and mental preparedness. In addition, an artist is constantly looking for ways, observations, and experiences that will refresh or transform his/her signature style. To do this work in too much isolation, without some level of interaction with others, can make the artist endeavour a daunting life experience.

The coaching and workshop settings can be one-on-one setting or with a small group. Participants may know of others ready for this type of learning experience and decide to consider the coaching or workshops as a group.

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